Reflecto Girl and Distracto Boy!


We interrupt Orangie Toast’s story, The Overlapping Dimensions, to bring you a delightful illustration by Marmaduke Tomato and Samantha Tuttie-Sootie-Cherry Cake.

In this illustration you may observe the influences of Violet Plum, it’s an illustration of Reflecto Girl, and her sidekick, Distracto Boy, and Snoopy, and Snoopy’s little yellow bird sidekick, Woodstock!  And some flying birds in the distance, and some sweets.  Now, you may ask yourself: why?  But it is not for us to question. Why not? The important thing is that they all look very happy together!  And certainly they aren’t littering, I’m sure they are about to eat their sweets, and recycle the wrappers. 😉