Reflecto Girl paper doll!

Welcome to our newest post, and here is Reflecto Girl!  Say hello, Renee!


We got our Reflecto Girl paper doll free with our Reflecto Girl comic book!  It’s called Reflecto Girl: Sidekick!  and it only costs £2.80!!  For your information, if you also get the latest Venus Aqueous comic, and the latest Megan and Flos comic all in the same order, then it’s postage free!

So now I think it’s time for a little fashion show, don’t you?

Here she is with her mirror!  dounto!


And here she is in a very fancy knitted jumper, just heading over to the shops!




Overlapping dimensions

Episode three: The overlapping dimensions! Here is a post brought to you by Orangie Toast, who has drawn Megan and Flos using the styles she has learned from Anime films – (note the large eyes).

On holiday in Southern Alabama, our beloved characters are shading themselves under a large tree.  They fan themselves with their reading books, and look at the light shining between the leaves of the tree.  

“Let’s go on a flower studying expedition, Megan” Said Flos.

“Great idea, where do you want to go?” smiled Megan.

“Anywhere, anywhere will do.”

Cliff hanger!!!! What the heck will happen next?

Tune in soon, for the next part of this fan fiction episode! 🙂

There is nothing more exciting

Than a story with extra terrestrials in it.  And Megan and Flos is the most exciting adventure story with an alien in it that you have ever seen!  Or read!  Including Superman.  Because Megan is the bestest of all the girls and she loves to read!

So here is a beautiful drawing of Megan and Flos, by us,  in all of their glory, complete with eyelashes and big grins, and Megan is actually reading a book right there!  What are the chances!



We love Megan and Flos because they are funny and kind, they love the Earth and the Universe and the animals, and they are so great 🙂 We give their book five stars!



Very soon we are planning on making a reading list for Megan and Flos, which is all the books we imagine she likes reading, or that she would like to read!  So watch this space, and while you’re waiting, you can read Megan and Flos’s stories!


Brave Girl Venus Aqueous Drawing

Winter is the creative season, because it’s too cold to play out of doors.  We are making drawings and things!  You may have read our previous post about how we made our own Reflecto Girl Doll.  You can make one too, if you visit the website!


It’s all very exciting.  We made a bunch of drawings, but, we want to keep you in suspense, so we’re going to drop them one at a  time!  Cruel, I know, but it was put to a vote, and all of us voted.  So there.

Here, without further ado, is Venus Aqueous!


Now, for those of you not in the know, Venus was an ordinary girl, who was swimming underwater in the sea, when the navy exploded something, and she was injured as a result of it, because sound carries a long way under water.  So, she was injured, and like some ordinary people do, she healed, and when she healed, she found she could understand the speakings of the ocean animals!  Because dogfishes, dolphins and basking sharks started talking to her!  And so she started helping them out of difficult situations!

Just in case I had not made this clear, she is a cartoon character from the indie comic series Brave Girls, which are brought to the world by Violet Plum!  Very inspiring for children, adults, dogfishes and brave brave girls.

And that is what brought us on our journey to want to do some Brave Girl colouring.


Oh yeah! 🙂


Come back soon for another picture!

Visit Venus Aqueous to see the inspiration for this creation.


Da dadadaaa!

Ok, now, here we go: first of all, I have to just say this:


Because what we have created was not easy.  It was a long and gruelling task, let me tell you.  And I just don’t want to say how much blood was spilled with all the sewing.  But, now that we’ve done it, we can gloat, can’t we?


She’s here!  She’s beautiful!  And she’s entirely made by us!


We made a Reflecto Girl doll!  We were going to make one each, but we decided to work together and make one, super awesome one.


We hope you have fun watching our awesome slide show.

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